Biomass boiler bulk wood pellet silo installation

Previous System: Manual bag filled biomass boiler

New System: Biomass boiler wood pellet bulk fuel silo installation

Biomass boiler wood pellet silo installation.

We were approached by a client who had bought a property where we had previously installed a 45kW biomass boiler. At the request of the original  owner, the boiler we had installed had a manual bag filled silo, holding around 200kg of wood pellets, but the new owner wished to increase the automation within the system by installing a 6 tonne bulk wood pellet silo.

We proposed a 5.6 tonne galvanised, outdoor, wood pellet silo installation, with a vacuum delivery system. The installation and set up took only two days to complete. Once completed, the client was able to take advantage of the more competitive prices available for bulk deliveries, as well as benefiting from the knowledge that the boiler wasn’t going to run out of pellets without warning. It also meant the boiler wouldn’t run out of fuel if they were away from home at any time.

Following the Biomass boiler wood pellet silo installation, the client added Cedar cladding to disguise the appearance of the silo.

This is an example of the remedial work and alterations we are able to carry out to an existing system. We can offer advice and deliver a wide range of services to improve previously installed systems of all types, whether it’s an add-on such as this, or system design and installation alterations, to improve the efficiency of a heating system.

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