Sykes Lawn Turf, Froling P4 biomass boiler

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New System: Froling P4 biomass

Froling P4 Biomass Boiler

We were approached to consult on the installation of a Froling P4 biomass boiler, to provide heating and hot water for a large detached farm house, adjacent office complex and farm workshop.

We advised the client that their best option would be to opt for a 100kw Froling P4 biomass wood pellet boiler, to be installed in a large barn complete with a 2,500 litre buffer tank. We were also able to build a 14 tonne galvanised pellet silo next to the boiler in the barn. Because of the modular nature of the silos we use, they can be adapted for a wide range of applications and are available in sizes from 0.5 tonnes, manual, bag filled hopper, to 22 tonnes, for blown deliveries that could potentially last a full year.

In order to connect to the farm house and offices, we installed pre-insulated, underground heat mains that connected into the office and farmhouse heating systems via plate-to-plate heat exchangers. This provides hydraulic separation between the new Froling P4 biomass 100kW commercial boiler and the pre-existing heating systems, which helps to prevent contamination of the new heating equipment and simplifies ongoing maintenance or alterations within the properties.

As a commercial installation, the client will benefit from the non-domestic RHI for the next 20 years, with payments being made on the heat they produce, and with Froling’s excellent record of reliability can expect the boiler to deliver clean, green heating, with minimal user input for many years after that. Froling boilers offer a high degree of automation are very long service lives, with boilers in Austria still running after 40+ years.

On follow up visits both the owner and office staff have commented on the improvements to the performance of the heating and hot water system