Manor Farm House

Previous System: Ageing Oil Boiler

New System: 45kw Robus Blackstar

Small Commercial Biomass

In 2015, B.A.R & Sons were approached by a farmer from Dunham-on-Trent, in Lincolnshire, to renew his existing heating system. Because of the high oil prices at the time, and the general instability in oil prices, he was looking for an alternative to oil and was attracted to the idea of renewable heating. Although the client was initially looking for a domestic installation, to heat his farmhouse, his situation lent itself perfectly to a 45kW Small commercial biomass installation.

By extending the heating system to include a workshop adjacent to the boiler room, he was able to successfully apply to the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Whereas the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive pays for a property’s deemed heating requirement, as per their Energy Performance Certificate, (EPC), small, medium and large commercial installations require metering, and pay the system owner on the renewable heat they actually generate.

The Robus Blackstar 45kW Small commercial biomass boiler provided a cost effective solution and now supplies the family with all their heating and hot water needs. In addition the farm workshop is now usable all year round.

In addition to installing the 45kW Small commercial biomass boiler, we also supplied and built a modular, galvanised steel, outdoor wood pellet bulk silo. This was installed behind the boiler room and feeds the boiler’s day hopper via an auger, automatically refilling, when required. They are also able to cut fuel costs by buying wood pellets in bulk.

As a 45kW small commercial biomass system, they can also look forward to receiving RHI payments for the next 20 years on the renewable heat they generate.