Mainwood Farm House

Previous System: Ageing Oil Boiler

New System: 45kw Froling P4 biomass boiler

Froling P4 Biomass Boiler

We were approached by a client to advise on the installation of a 45kW Froling P4 biomass boiler, to provide heating and hot water for a newly renovated barn conversion and adjacent office complex, near Kneesall, in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

After conducting a survey of the proposed sight and discussing a number of renewable options with the client, they decided to opt for a Froling P4 biomass boiler, to be installed in a detached garage building, adjacent to the main barn conversion. The installation would also require a 1,500 litre buffer tank, to provide a store of heat, from which the properties could draw. We also installed two separate heat mains to carry hot water to both the barn conversion and a detached office building. The connection in to each property’s heating system was made via a plate to plate heat exchanger. This provided hydraulic separation between the boiler room and each property, so each area of the installation could be easily isolated for easy maintenance.

The client also opted for a 7 tonne, outdoor galvanised steel, bulk pellet silo, which was to be constructed behind the boiler house. This fed the boiler’s integral day hopper via Froling’s vacuum fuel delivery conveyor. This includes a vortex de-duster, which removes dust and pellet fragments from the fuel before it reaches the boiler, reducing maintenance and running costs.

Because this installation is providing heat and hot water to a business address, it is classed as a commercial installation. The client will benefit from the governments Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for the next 20 years. Unlike the Domestic RHI, the Non-Domestic RHI is paid the the heat actually generated and as such the installation has to be fitted with a heat meter. and can expect the Froling boiler to deliver clean, green heating for many years after that.