Priory Garth North

Previous System: Traditional Household Oil Boiler

New System: 16kw Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump

LA16MI Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump

After demolishing a small inefficient bungalow, the client began the process of building a larger detached, new build house. However, they didn’t want to be reliant on oil heating due to ever increasing oil prices and wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their fuel bills. Having already installed a 4kw photovoltaic system, and high quality insulation during the construction of the building, we advised that the ideal compliment for that would be a LA16MI Dimplex air source heat pump.

During our consultations with the client we provided a bespoke internal heating system design, featuring ground floor underfloor heating system with first floor fan assisted radiators. The system is fully weather compensated and runs at low water temperature providing maximum efficiency for heat pump design. When installing a heat pump, whether it be air source or ground source, it is very important that the internal heating system is designed in unison with the heat pump to maximise efficiency and minimise running costs. The efficiency of a heat pump installation is important, not just in reducing running costs but also because it affects the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

The customer is delighted with the heating system design, and the LA16MI Dimplex air source heat pump, as it provides very low manual input, a warm household temperature and has allayed any fears she had about noise concerns from the unit. The majority of electrical consumption is provided by the on roof PV system, producing extremely low running costs.