Blacksmiths Arms

Previous System: Ageing Oil Boiler

New System: 36kw Grant Spira Wood Pellet Boiler with Bulk Storage Silo’s

36kW Grant Spira Biomass Boiler

During the renovation process of the Blacksmith’s Arms pub, in Clayworth, in 2012, we were approached by the pub’s owners to offer advice on the existing ageing oil boiler. We were asked to offer advice on the most suitable heating system for the pub. After our initial consultations it was decided the property would be better suited to a renewable heating system. With the previous system being an oil boiler it was decided that the best option was a biomass installation, with a 36kW Grant Spira biomass boiler, installed in a new boiler room and an existing outbuilding being utilised as a fuel storage area.

The 36kW Grant Spira biomass boiler includes a day hopper, which is fed from the optional bulk silo by an auger. The day hopper is loaded automatically once the wood fuel pellet level falls beneath the level of a pressure plate, thus minimising the input required from the owner. If, however, the bulk silo runs out of fuel, it is still possible to manually load the day hopper use pellets bought in 10kg bags.

Being a non-domestic property the installation is eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive; a 20 year government incentive providing financial support for Renewable heating systems. Unlike the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, it pays for the heat you produce, rather than a deemed heating requirement.

After a year of operation our customer has commented that they expect the installation to have paid for itself through the RHI and fuel cost savings within a 4 year time period.

The ethos of renewable energy also ties in with the pub & restaurant’s low environmental impact and organic philosophy.