Commercial Heating solution for Lincolnshire Show Ground Exhibition Centre

Previous System: Hired in Oil Cabinet Heater

New System: High efficiency Powrmatic 300kW CPX oil fired, external cabinet heater

Powrmatic CPX 300kW external cabinet heater

We were approached by Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, regarding the renovation of the commercial heating system at the Epic Exhibition Centre, at the Lincolnshire Show Ground. We examined a number of options, including a commercial Air Source Heat Pump and a Wood Chip biomass boiler. As there was an oil tank on site from the previous heating system, the client decided to replace the old system with a new oil fired system.The ultimate solution was to install a Powrmatic CPX300 Cabinet Heater.

The previous unit heated the building via a ducted, blown air system, that struggled to heat the building adequately. Having looked at renewable options, including a commercial air source heat pump and biomass, it was decided that the most cost effective solution was a high efficiency Powrmatic CPX300 Cabinet Heater. This was to be connected into the existing heating ducting via a new outlet plenum and inlet duct. As well as providing heating, the system was also set up to provide cooling during summer, by recirculating air through the building.

The new Powrmatic unit proved capable of lifting the temperature of the building by 15 degrees in less than half an hour. Controlled through a simple thermostatic controller, it is also able to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature for exhibitors and visitors to the Centre.

Although not a renewable system, this installation demonstrates our flexibility in providing the most suitable solution for our clients. To find out if a Powrmatic heater is a suitable renewable heating system for you, contact us here.