Grant VortexAir Air Source Heat Pump in the Peak District National Park

Previous System: Un-branded air source heat pump

New System: Grant VortexAir Hybrid Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump / Blue Flame 15/21 Oil Boiler

Our latest heat pump installation features the unique Grant VortexAir Air Source Heat Pump and Blue Flame oil boiler.

As the property is in a very exposed, off grid location, the owner wanted the security of an oil boiler to back up the heat pump on the coldest days; the Grant VortexAir is the easiest way of achieving the desired result. The property had a oil fired Aga, so already had an oil supply, making the addition of the oil boiler straightforward. The property also already had a wind turbine generating more electricity than the property required, so running costs for the heat pump were expected to be very low. The installation also involved supplying and installing a 200 litre buffer cylinder and 250 litre domestic hot water cylinder the property’s loft space. Having completed the MCS design, that would give the owner access to Ofgem’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, we started installation work and were able to get the system up and running within a very short period of time.

The Grant VortexAir Air Source Heat Pump

Designed as a single bivalent unit, the Grant VortexAir Hybrid features a Grant Aerona-3 16kW air source heat pump, combined with a Vortex Blue 15/21 oil boiler. If necessary the oil boiler can be installed separately, with the heat pump added later (but not the other way around).

The Grant VortexAir includes an integral heat meter, which is required for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (D-RHI), so the owner is paid for the renewable heat used, not the total heat required for the property as stated on the EPC, as would normally be the case.

The owner of this property now has a modern, efficient heating system, perfect for his off-grid location with enough additional output to heat the property in the coldest of weather.

If you have a project that may benefit from an unconventional heating solution, then contact BAR & Sons to discuss your options.