Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump

Previous System: Expensive to run and inefficient electric boiler

New System: Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump

Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump

We were approached by a local landlord to discuss options for heating a detached farm house. The current heating system relied on an electric boiler, which was costing the tenant over £100 a week to heat the property in winter. We quickly realised the perfect solution was a Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump. The Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump is ideal for installing onto existing “S-plan” heating systems and presented a straightforward installation.

Once given the go-ahead from the landlord we set about completing the MCS system design, which included specifying new radiators to ensure that sufficient heat was transferred into the property from the lower flow temperature that heat pumps are designed to produce. The lower the flow temperature that can be achieved, then the higher the efficiency of the heat pump. For a low flow temperature to adequately heat a property, it needs to be well insulated. This is why heat pumps are the ideal solution to heating off-grid, new build properties. The Grant Aerona-3 Air Source Heat Pump is available in 6kW, 10kW and 16kW outputs, making it suitable for a wide range of properties.

In addition, we also specified a new heat pump cylinder, featuring a larger heat exchanger coil. Because of the small cylinder cupboard, we specified a Telford Slimline heat pump cylinder.

Maximising efficiency is important for a number of reasons; as well as reducing the running costs for the home owner or tenant, the efficiency rating of the heat pump also affects the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. The payments are only made for the renewable heat generated, so the electricity used to run the heat pump is deducted from the output.

Both the landlord and tenant are more than happy with the new heating system, as it will reduce heating bills, while the owner of the property will benefit from the RHI payments.

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