The Manor, Redbourne. Replacing an old oil boiler.

Previous System: Ageing Oil Boiler

New System: 45kW Froling P4 Wood pellet boiler

Froling P4 Wood Pellet Boiler

When Mr. R. Day, of Day Farms, Redbourne, decided to replace his ageing oil boiler, he decided to opt for a Froling P4 Wood pellet boiler. He requested quotes from a number of installers and having evaluated the quotes, he selected Cedar Renewables Ltd. to fulfil the contract.

Following our initial consultation, we revisited Mr. Day’s property, The Manor at Redbourne, to complete a full room by room heat loss analysis . This was to determine The Manor’s true heating requirement and allowed us to confirm that our initial estimate for a 45kW boiler was correct.

One of the reasons Mr. Day selected us to complete the installation was the superior quality of the Froling P4 Wood pellet boiler we offered to supply. Both Mr. Day and everyone here at Cedar Renewables understand that although there are cheaper boilers available, opting for a boiler from a well established and reputable manufacturer is always the best option. Few manufacturers are better established in the biomass market than Froling!

The location selected for the boiler room was a open fronted garage, some 20 metres from the main house. Prior to us commencing work on the installation, Mr. Day completed some minor building works to the boiler room, including putting in a new concrete floor and fitting suitable doors to ensure the building was weather tight.

As part of the installation, we fabricated a bespoke wood pellet store, adjacent to the boiler room. We installed the boiler and 1,500 litre buffer tank and connected it into the Manor’s existing heating system via a heat exchanger and an underground heat main. All this work took only a few days for our engineers to complete.

Once we’d completed the installation, including flushing and balancing the existing heating system, Mr. Day found he had a much improved heating system, with minimal ongoing maintenance, reduced heating bills and a regular income from the Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive.

He has subsequently contacted us to thank us for work we’d carried out and his satisfaction with the new heating system.