Freshfields Spa, district heating system.

Previous System: Multiple natural gas boilers

New System: Froling P4 – 100 Wood Pellet Biomass Boiler

Biomass District Heating

Mr. and Mrs. Naylor are the owners of Freshfields Luxury Spa, a highly successful local business on the outskirts of Worksop, Nottinghamshire. They wanted a modern, efficient, centralised biomass district heating solution. It needed to provide heat to two large domestic properties and to heat their spa pool. They also wanted a solution that would add value to the business. With the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive providing quarterly payments for 20 years, they decided to opt for a biomass boiler.

Because of the size of heat requirement for the properties and for the large swimming pool and because their business required a reliable heat source B.A.R & Sons offered to install a 100kW Froling P4 wood pellet Biomass district heating system. Our system design also included a 3,000 litre buffer tank and a 12 tonne capacity external, galvanised steel bulk fuel silo.

We designed the district heating system to be connected to each property via a underground heat main pipework, with heat exchangers correctly sized to each property and to the swimming pool. The boiler was located in the rear of the large detached garage, allowing a very tidy installation.

Our engineers constructed the galvanised steel wood pellet silo behind the boiler house and used Froling’s proven vacuum fuel delivery system to supply fuel into the boiler. We employed a local contractor to complete the ground works for the heat main. Once completed, we installed all the pipework with the necessary connections branching off to each property.

The boiler was set to work just a week after the installation began and continues to provide heating to the domestic properties and to the swimming pool.

Mr. and Mrs. Naylor also decided to opt for our competitively priced service contract, providing them with hassle free operation.